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The Management

Christ School (International) Shillong, is part of a growing family of educational institutions established and run by the Trust for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children-India (TAPC). The Trust is a registered not-for-profit body with its headquarters in Shillong, Meghalaya (INDIA) and has been instrumental in setting up educational institutions in Meghalaya since 1982, in the Bodo areas of Assam since 1998 and in Kerala since 2001.
Christ School (International) Shillong believes in providing equal-opportunities to all – be it as an employer or an educational institution. It is wholly secular and subscribes to traditional values of scholarship through mentoring as in the gurukilams of yore. Nonviolence or ahimsa too stands at the core of the School’s value systems. Advocating the resolution of differences through understanding is projected as a vital input for the sustained progress and growth of mankind.


The Christ School will have digital class rooms and library for every class within next 3 years. We also want our institution to be the cleanest and the most disciplined institution in the State of Meghalaya with minimum first class for all our students in AISSE and AISSCE.

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